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The Philippine Academy of Microbiology (PAM) is a collegial body composed of microbiologists who have been selected based on their academic qualifications and experience.

Founded in 1991, the Academy serves as the accreditation arm of the Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. (PSM). The concept was patterned on the American Academy of  Microbiology. The vision of PAM is to facilitate accreditation of qualified members of  PSM as Registered or Specialist Microbiologists and as Diplomates and Fellows.Registered Microbiologists are those who passed the accreditation program/examination on the following areas: basic microbiology, microbial ecology, microbial physiology and virology; with food- or medical microbiology as optional examination subject. Upgrading to the category of Specialist Microbiologist requires from a Registered Microbiologist an advanced degree in microbiology or related field and professional experience.

The Council of PAM is composed of Diplomates and Fellows chosen for their exceptional track record in the academe or industry. They are practitioners of microbiology who are enterprising and creative in initiating and advancing microbiology based endeavors. Included in these ranks are distinguished educators and researchers on basic and applied microbiology and related fields.

The task of accreditation is competently handled by the Accreditation Board and Examination Committee whose members boast of pillars in the field of microbiology. The administrative and fiscal management of the Academy is delegated to the members of the Council of Regents.

Through the years, PAM in collaboration with the PSM has sponsored workshops on the standardization of the microbiology course syllabi, a symposium entitled Microbiology for Educators and You” and soon, an outreach project entitled “Microbiology and You: an awareness seminar on the role of microorganisms and microbiologists in our lives”

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